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Feb 7, 2013 4:00am PST
tax of 51.9%. and you guessed it, it is the highest in the nation. one saving grace for the moment, californians can deduct state tax from federal returns. >>> up next, your "early today" sports highlights. plus, meet a nasty nanny whose pension for slapping this kid just got her slapped by the law. >>> and now to some other stories that caught our eyes this morning. in new york, disturbing video shows a nanny slapping a 9-month-old for not eating. when the mother saw what was going on, she rushed home .fired the caretaker who has been charged with endangering the well fare of a child and resisting arrest. >>> in texas, 22-year-old grad student and chicken farmer has grown so close to his flock over the years, he's known around as chicken boy. he's handled the chickens for so long, he's even picked up the language. >> it's like i just laid an egg in this box, come lay your egg. and it's -- >> the chicken boy plans to go and continue his education so he can some day become doctor chicken and that's going to be interesting. >>> a fatal pileup on a georgia highway left four dead and 2
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am EST
tax hike. >>> 4:23 is our time. many of you are dreading it right now. the stress that comes with going to work. new research shows the impact it could have on your health. >>> and the new numbers out today that show jobs people dodge paying on the dulles toll road. >>> we're monitoring road conditions for you at this hour with all that overnight rain. we'll >>> 4:26 is your time. you're looking live at interstate 495 at the woodrow wilson bridge. obviously wet roads to deal with as you work your way out to the highways had morning. a complete look at what you can expect trafficwise and weatherwise in a moment. >>> we're still waiting for a comment from the redskins over renewed pressure to change the team's name. hundreds much people packed the national museum of the american indian yesterday for a symposium on racial stereotypes in sports. the redskins name played a prominent role in the discussion. some american indians call it racist. on the streets of washington, fans are divided on whether the team should change its name. >> how would you feel about changing the name re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2